Moto Camping in Crystal Lake

Moto Camping in Crystal Lake

Location: Crystal Lake Campground

Cost: $12/day - $5/day for extra vehicle (Cash only)

Elevation: 5,539-feet 

You'll find peace and quiet only a little over an hour away from Downtown Los Angeles. Crystal Lake Campground offers 36 campsites and a few cabins. The area has picnic tables, vault toilets (that means non-flush/waterless toilets), parking, lots of shade, and fire rings. This is a first come first served spot so it fills quickly during the weekend. I got there on Thursday at noon and there were plenty of campsite available.

The campground has four loops, A through D. If you want to be close to the local Cafe, loop A and B are the way to go. Crystal Lake Cafe is a small and very peculiar spot that seems to have everything you can possibly need, except for alcohol hehe. If you want to be a little more isolated, like I did, go to loop D. To get to it, go up the road and take a left before you hit the dead end, which is also a parking lot, you'll see a small sign directing you to the campsites. 

The ride up there is absolutely gorgeous. The blue of the mountains in the distance is breathtaking. Watch out for wildlife! I ran into a least five little furry fellas and they don't move as fast as the motorcycles do hehe. I also encourage you to stop and take photos along the way, you won't regret it.

Now, since you've shown interest, let me brag about my tent a little. The Moto Tent, made by Lone Rider, not only shelters you from the elements but also offers a cozy haven for your precious motorcycle. Picture this: a convenient garage space, accessible from both sides, ensuring effortless closure come nightfall. And the storage? It's beyond generous. Inside, a variety of mesh pockets, perfect for organizing your essentials.

Now, here's the real kicker – two doors for swift access to your bike, meaning you never have to step out of your sanctuary to grab something from your saddlebag. Oh, and did I mention its height? At 5'2", I can stand upright inside, a true luxury in the world of camping. This, my friend, is not just camping; it's glamping at its finest.

The outer tent is made from ultralight and UV-resistant Rip-Stop polyester fabric and it's fully waterproof. The sleeping area is equipped with 3 doors, each one equipped with a mosquito net, and rain flaps to cover all zippers and keep the rain out. Here's a sketch with the dimensions of the tent:

I won't deny that once the tent is out of the bag it can look incredibly difficult to set up, but the color-coded system Lone Rider designed is brilliant. The MotoTent is held up by only 3 collapsable poles made from aircraft-grade aluminum. They are of course color-coded for an easier and faster setup, 2 red ones for your bike and a black one for you. So, if you want to take your moto camping experience to another level, spoil yourself and your motorcycle with this tent!

Total weight: 6.42 kg / 14.15 lbs (including poles, outer tent, inner tent, ground pegs & ground sheet) - It's heavy but worth it.

Packed Size: 24"x8" (~60x20cm) Note: Packed Size in my experience is more like 21"x11", but I'm a reckless packer hehe

Price: $599.99


  • Inner & Outer tent, preassembled together
  • 2x longer poles (red), 1x shorter pole (black)
  • 18x Ground pegs
  • 1x SOS Groundsheet
  • 1x Rainproof carry bag

Disclaimer: I do not make any profit from selling this tent or promoting it. I genuinely like it. That's it! Any thoughts of comments? 



I haven’t Camped since 2001. Looking at you and your tent makes me envious. Back then my oldest was in Thailand and China at the time, and we just had our two younger ones. The Youngest is now 35. Back then My second daughter, who I also nick named Yum Yum and I on a crystal clear night in Vermont could see all the night sky. There were perpetual meteors arriving as well We stayed up till Dawn watching the heavens. Years before in the same area of Vermont, when my oldest was the only one, and at about 4 or 5 at the time, who is now 40, was in a row boat with her mommy and me. We we were returning in the evening from an island where we had made supper. It was pitch dark on the water, but then suddenly as if part of it, I felt as out little row boat, lake etc was being swallowed by the Northern lights which danced above -

Orion Karl Daley

@John Great question! I’ll go on another camping trip and focus on my camping gear :) I’ll tag you when I have it.

Ana Rand

@Rissa it was a gift :) and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they offer payment plans :( It’s a big investment indeed but in my opinion it’s worth it. If it helps, they have a smaller version without the “garage” and it’s cheaper!

Ana Rand

super cool, was the tent gifted to you by them? or do they offer payment plans that is a big investment for camping 🥲


What about sleeping pads/mattress? Looking at kilo gear myself… 👍👍from me

John schalk

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